Sunday, July 1, 2012

Grad School in Norway!!

I'm sure this post won't surprise too many of you. One, most of you already know! Two, we all know how much I love living abroad!

I'm moving to Norway for an amazing graduate program I discovered last spring (2011) before I received my job offer from AUW. I was searching and searching (and searching some more) for a masters program that seemed like a perfect fit. I am passionate about employee appreciation, employee job satisfaction, and overall effective business operations (HR topics). Most Organizational Psychology programs in the US are PhD focused and/or require a strong psychology background ('strong' considering I have no psychology background). This particular program is a masters-focused program in a top European Business school. There is also an incredible opportunity, if I get accepted, to earn a dual degree. This means I would spend one year in Norway earning my Masters in Leadership and Organizational Psychology and one year in the Netherlands earning my Masters in Organizational Studies. What a fantastic opportunity -- two countries, two degrees = double the experiences, double the learning power, and double the adventures.

BI Norwegian School of Business, Oslo Campus (official photo)

Tour of the BI Campus from the Architect

In December, I had the opportunity to visit Oslo for several days and visited the BI campus. Here is a picture of the interior I took while touring the campus: