Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brunch and Grandma's Cafe

January 10, 2010 Today I got to hang out with some really great people that I don't get to see too often or hang out with too often. Natalie and Martin came into town and we went to Mukkefuck for brunch. Everyone always raves about the potato pancakes from here that you can only get til 1300, so I felt as though I had to try the "Rosti" with bacon, tomatoes, and corn. It was was a little greasy and the toppings were not as complementary as the apple sauce you usually find paired with the potato pancakes. but! it came with a wonderful, delicious side salad and I looove Mukkefuck's house salad dressing....and the side salad was big enough to be an entree by itself! Bonnie and I also shared their potato soup, which was ok but not as good as Zum Wild's potato soup! After lunch, Natalie, Martin, Andrea, Sarah, and I walked through the Marienplatz to go to Aran for a coffee/chai tea, however they were closed....gotta love Sundays in Europe. So we went to "Grandma's Cafe" also called the Konditorei. It's great - I've always walked past here and wanted to go in, so finally I can check this off my list of things to do before I leave. We all ordered a piece of cake...I got the "Tag und Nacht torte" which was a delicious chocolate layered cake with rum flavored layers in between the chocolate cake! mmmm delicious! To drink they had all sorts of flavored shots you could order with your latte macchiato or cappuccino so I ordered my favorite flavor, coconut latte macchiato - it was absolutely delicious! I've never seen that before but I guess it makes sense...caramel latte macchiato. Well, here's a few pictures from the day - to include my wonderful thank you gift from Natalie and Martin....not only is the box totally precious but the chocolates look amazing!!! and they're from Dallmayr, the oldest chocolatiere/coffee store in Munich!

Natalie, Sarah, Me, and Andrea at Konditorei Cafe

The amazing chocolates from Natalie and Martin

The cute box the chocolates came in

The cute card from Natalie and Martin

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, again!!! Here's a video from New Year's Eve at the War Memorial, above Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Happy New Year!!

January 2-3, 2010 Well, it's the first post of the New Year! and what a great three days it's been so far!! Matt and I stayed in Garmisch for New Years and it may have been the best New Years ever! I took New Year's Eve off and we relaxed all day and then went to the War Memorial (above the city) with some of Matt's friends to set off lots and lots of fireworks that they bought in Belgium. We could hear the live band down on the Marienplatz but we had the best view of the city as we could see the entire valley and every firework that was set up! This was absolutely amazing and it was such clear night with a full moon!! What a great night!! On the first we went to the Eibsee to walk around but the path wasn't in great condition, it was very icy!, so we walked part of the way around and then went back and walked the other way so I could take a few pictures of the Eibsee behind the lake. Most of the lake was frozen and there were some other Americans down by the lake throwing pieces of ice across the ice making a high pitch noise (not as a dreadful as it sounds - it was pretty cool!). Saturday morning we woke up early to go to the SPAAAAAAA, my favorite place in the whole wide world!!! This is one place I will probably miss the most in Europe!!! For 38 euros (34 if you go on a weekday!) you can spend the entire day at the spa featuring scrubs and masks every 1/2 hour in more than 20 saunas! It's Europe's (maybe the World's?) largest Sauna Paradise! Talk about total pampering! and they have really great Swimming Pools (a coconut drink!) at the swim up bar!! in the buff :) Then, today, Sunday, Matt and I got an early start and went on the Sandeman's Free Walking Tour of Munich. Talk about COLD!!!! It was sooo cold! Way colder than GAP was on New Year's Eve! but it was really fun! The tour guides through this program are always so funny and great because they are working for tips and they're living in the city because they love it! So it was a good morning. Then we were able to meet up with Natalie and Martin and eat at the Augustiner Brewery! Well, I'd post some pictures but I haven't had a chance to get them off my memory cards and onto the laptop.....and my laptop is almost full (with pictures), again....ugh! Pictures and maybe a video or two to follow later! Happy New Year!!!!