Thursday, February 19, 2009

Paris Sneak Peak

February 13 - 16, 2009 Paris for Valentine's Day weekend...Matt was supposed to go with me but it didn't work out due to work/passport issues. I still had a blast and saw the "Top 10" sites of Paris. You can only imagine how many pictures I took! Here's a little sneak peak. more pictures

Me with Mona Lisa...much better than the shot I have from 10 years ago...there's a tall man standing behind me and it looks like I have big, poofy hair!! haha thanks mom

Louvre at night

Pompidou Center

Eiffel Tower

Sacre Coeur

Rothenburg/Heidelberg Sneak Peak

February 7-9, 2009 So, it's been a while...I have many, many, many pictures to go through and do some picking and choosing as to which ones to share...til then, here a few faves from my trip to Dinkelsbuhl, Rothenburg and Heidelberg. more pictures


Rothenburg by night...on our tour with the city's night watchman


Castle in Heidelberg

Heidelberg from above

Friday, February 6, 2009


January 31, 2009 Sometimes you just need to get out of Garmisch and breathe...that's how I was feeling this day. As soon as I got out of Garmisch the clouds cleared, the sun started shining and I could finally breathe! Sometimes you just feel so suffocated and sheltered in Garmisch because we're literally living in our own, secluded world...surrounded by the mountains, which don't get me wrong, are beautiful! but sometimes you just need to escape! So, Regensburg was my safe haven. I sent my mom and her friend there this summer not having ever visited the town but knowing it is a popular city in Germany, so I felt as though I should check this city out before I recommend it to anyone else. It was definitely worth the trip - beautiful buildings and the gorgeous Gothic Dom, which dominated the city. There were also numerous rock/mineral stores with cheap jewelry, at which I couldn't resist making a purchase or two! more pictures