Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bhatiary Village

August 26, 2010: This was a very special day...The executive director of WorldTeach, Helen Claire, has been with us here at AUW for the past month and she has a dear friend, Caroline Bauer, who has spent many years in Bangladesh. While living here, Caroline adopted the Bhatiary Village and built a play park, which we had the privilege to visit. Here are a few pictures from the afternoon...(more photos added to the end of my Bangladesh photo album)

The Play Park

The kids at the Play Park

so cute!!

Walking into the village

Our first glimpse into the village

The WorldTeach group on the rooftop of Caroline's house (which was amazingly gorgeous!)

The Penthouse (what we call our apartment) roomies

The Play Park Director's home

Bhatiary Village

I love visiting the villages - the people are so amicable! and the children are beyond adorable!

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