Sunday, August 15, 2010


It's Ramadan here in Bangladesh and while we're not fasting we are certainly enjoying this time. (Except for yesterday when we were at AUW for orientation and school was closed b/c it's the weekend, so we were going to eat at Impala but then realized all restaurants are closed during the day for ended up being cut short so we could come back to our apt to each lunch. By the time we made it back to our apartment tava had set up their iftar buffet and thus began our new obsession.) All of the restaurants set up buffet lines along the streets with a wide variety of foods to break the fast, called iftar. Our favorite restaurant across the street from our apartment, Tava, has said iftar. The staff is so cute and wonderful. We've eaten in the restaurant twice and the head waiter has memorized all of our names (so cute!). They have a variety of food including chicken kabaabs, pakora, fish fingers, veggie/chicken rolls, samosa, etc. and today I ate the most amazing pineapple pie!!! They also have another desert that has been deemed "funnel cake on crack" by Kelsey (another volunteer) - basically it's a thin dough fried in sugar and it is quite tasty (pictures another day...I bought pineapple pie today instead). This will be our dinner for the next month! no questions.

Tava's iftar set up in front of Khulshi Mart (our closest grocery store)

A few of our waiters - the guy in the middle is one of my faves!

this guy created quite a bit of commotion during our orientation class....i dont need to think about spiders like this crawling around my apartment! so i'll just pretend they are only at AUW!

trapping the spider!

at AUW with Kristen in yet another of my new shalwar kameez outfits

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