Monday, August 23, 2010

Long Days with High Pay Off

Justin Bieber "I just need somebody to love" kept our long day at AUW alive today. Our day started before 7:30 when the van arrived at Kulshi to drive us to AUW. Most of us proctored our last exam for the Access Academy students this morning, except 2 volunteers who were proctoring TOEFL exams for undergrads in the afternoon. After the last exam was finished it was a race all day to grade, grade, and grade TOEFL exams (reading, listening, structure) and math exams (statistics, algebra, geometry, computation, etc.). This has been a 3 day testing process with a total of 8 exams: the 3 TOEFL exams and 5 math exams. There was only one math teacher working to grade math word problems so we quickly began grading word problems as best we could once we had finished grading all multiple choice tests -- personally realizing just how long it'd been since I last took a math time flies! As the day grew longer and longer we entertained ourselves with singing and giggling and joking and occasional frustrations due to stress/exhaustion. When the day finally ended at 9:30pm we joked that in one day we had lived through all 4 stages of group formations - forming, storming, norming, and performing. We definitely kept each other motivated through the day and lots of chai, sweet treats, and pizza hut were definitely added bonuses! It was a long day but great day! It feels really great to be a part of AUW and the developing stages of the University. I'm so glad to be here with an amazing group of volunteers, supporting an amazing mission! :) We can honestly say that the WorldTeach volunteers just successfully administered all Access Academy and Undergraduate assessment testing, including grading and recording - Go Us! and so the year begins with one successful project under our belts and a glimpse into the amazingness of our students :) Now it's time for a little Love Actually to keep us all sane :)

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