Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome to Bangladesh

Hi everyone! So it's been a long, busy, exciting, overwhelming, sometimes nerve wrecking few days since arriving in Bangladesh (I can't believe it's only been 5 days!!). There's so much to say but I'll keep it short! Bangladesh is so exciting, new, and different for me and it's even more intriguing because I tried to not have too many expectations (or do too much research) before coming on this trip so I wouldn't be disappointed or upset or expect something to be one way only to find out it's something totally different. Everyday there's something new to see, do, and experience. The almost hour long van ride from the airport was a great introduction to the country. Cars, traffic, honking, cows in the street, people pulling carts amidst all the traffic, lots of staring, street vendors, and an abundance of lush green vegetation!

A little bit about what I'll be doing for the next year... I'll be working through WorldTeach at the Asian University for Women with a few roles:
- teacher at the Access Academy (a pre-University school to improve the students English skills and prepare them for college coursework) - I'm planning on teaching a class on Business Leadership (pending approval still)
- teaching assistant in a university writing seminar class
- business teacher for the women's chamber of commerce in the local community

I'm really excited about this new and different opportunity. I love traveling and living abroad and after living in Germany I was ready for something a little different. I really wanted to be able to get more involved in the community and make a difference in the country I was living, so this seems like a terrific opportunity to accomplish all of the above plus a lot more! We'll also be able to do a considerable amount of traveling on our breaks thanks to a travel stipend from the university (details are still a little fuzzy). The travel stipend supports travel to countries where our students are from, which covers about 14 countries around Asia (Pakistan, Cambodia, China, Sri Lanka, etc.)

Here are a few pictures from the first few days! and as always a few more pictures here

Van ride from the Chittagong airport to our apartment! aka new home for the upcoming year :)

Rickshaws are everywhere! and people sit on top of everything whether it's being carried on a rickshaw, van, bus, etc.

This picture is for mom - probably the lightest I've ever packed in my entire life!! One 50lb suitcase, a laptop bag, and a half-empty hiking backpack

View of Bangladesh from my bedroom window :)

Sunset view from my bedroom! :)

Lunch at a local restaurant (Calynn, Jess (our Field Director), me, and Katie)

My first Shalwar Kameez! I bought two outfits from Aarong, a fair trade store down the street from our field director's apartment complex where our first few days of orientation were held

Street view from the rooftop of our apartment


Mr. Svenska said...

I know you thought I was the cool one before because I live in Kazakhstan, but you're officially the cooler one now! Bangladesh looks awesome and you're gonna have a great time there))

kmari03 said...

Wow, Jessi! Sorry I missed seeing you during your short time in Georgia, but this seems like an awesome opportunity. Have fun!!

- Kira