Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I dream of sweets...

Well, a lot is happening but not too much blog worthy I guess - just day-to-day life in Bangladesh playing out. *We are going to the Grameen Bank tomorrow! yay! and it's our last day of orientation - crazy!! - blog post tomorrow or soon after our Grameen tour*

The "death chalk" is working well....maybe too well - I'm getting tired of handling 1/2 dead cockroaches. This morning at 3:30am (when I couldn't sleep) and then again at 7:00 when I woke up there were 1/2 dead cockroaches on their backs (one each time) that had to quickly be handled with a thick paper towel! I'm glad that the chalk is working but can't they just find their own way to the trash bin.?! Anyway, this is not a daily thing at all just something that happened to strike twice this morning...

Today after Bangla class Mira (our table's teacher) took us to her favorite sweets shop (yumm) called SugarBun. They had tons of traditional Bangladeshi sweets, cakes, and breads...My roommates and I decided on 2 sweets to try and bought a box of 4 each (for 134 tk/$2) - pretty cheap, huh? I can't even begin to explain to you how amazingly delicious these sweets were (yeah, were - they're all gone!!)! The kalo jam tasted like a maple syrup doughnut soaked through with syrup! yumm and the other, Kacha Golla was an interesting texture but equally tasty - it tasted a little like a sweet dessert you would make using ricotta cheese. Both were definitely worth the thought of gaining a few extra pounds :)

Inside SugarBun

The sweets

See the Kalo Jam (bottom row, second from the left) and the Kacha Golla (top row, far right)

Street view outside of SugarBun which is within walking distance to AUW

another street view

i love how bright and colorful this city is :)

Here are a few pictures from the past few days....

Street market on our way to Aarong (Tuesday, 16th)

CNG ride home (I have a few videos....another day!)

The heartbreak children outside of Kulshi Mart/Tava....the littlest boy is always very persistent - broke all of our hearts today when it was pouring down rain and he was standing there shivering

Mira, my table's Bangla teacher, and I

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